Sped Up Alexander The Great Vs Ivan The Terrible - Erb Season 5

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*I never monetise the videos that I upload. It is illegal for me to make money off something that is protected under copyright laws. ERB and/or Maker Studios place advertisements in these videos, not me. I upload these videos because it is interesting, for me, to see how it will sound like. It is been like a 'tradition' for quite some time to increase the speed of rapping. This is completely different from the 'Speed' function that is provided in every video. This function increases the playback speed but not the pitch of the audio. All videos on YouTube on mobile can't be sped up, except by downloading the video and increasing the speed. This video is uploaded to 'help' people on mobile who don't have the 'Speed' function. I don't understand why people target my videos when there are 1000's of videos that propose the same concept. This video is not meant to 'steal' views and subscribers from the original uploader. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that this channel is not the ERB channel. This video is to help recognise the original uploader's content and encourages people to see the original content for themselves. I know that most people watch the original content first, then watch this video but who knows how the YouTube system works (except those who work at YouTube). If you are reading up to this part and dislike or hate these videos, please don't annoy me with hate comments. Leave this channel at once and never return if you are one of those people. I'm sick and tired of people hating on these videos by calling it "lazy and unoriginal". I'm not desperate for views and subscribers as mentioned above. I just want to make people aware of other people's content. Thank you to those who are just here to listen and enjoy, somewhat, these videos. I appreciate it.*

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